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Do you need to go to the city, the airport or the station? Are you looking for a more advantageous option than a taxi, which is more comfortable, more affordable and more environmentally friendly? Consider choosing a VTC (Tourist Vehicle with Driver)!
VTC represents an elegant mobility alternative, allowing you to reserve a private driver for all your trips, whether professional or personal. Opting for a VTC means benefiting from a range of significant advantages over traditional taxis.
In this article, we aim to guide you through the reasons why VTC is an option of choice for your travels, how to book a VTC service, as well as tips for getting the most out of your experience. VTC. You will discover how VTC stands out as the perfect mode of transport for traveling with complete peace of mind, while enjoying a high-end service.

Why choose a VTC for your travels?

If you are still hesitant about choosing a VTC for your travels, let us present convincing arguments to you. VTC is distinguished from taxis and public transport by its many advantages: comfort, flexibility, punctuality, safety, and professionalism.
Opting for a VTC means choosing a quality vehicle, clean, spacious, and perfectly equipped. You benefit from a personalized service: choice of music, temperature adjustment, selection of the route and type of vehicle to suit you.
Safety is a top priority with VTCs. The drivers, who respect the highway code, are selected for their experience and professionalism. They are courteous, discreet, and ready to be of service to you. A VTC driver always welcomes you with a smile, assists with your luggage, opens the door for you, and answers your questions. This level of service allows you to place your trust in them and fully relax during your trip.
With a VTC, enjoy unparalleled flexibility for your travels. Book your driver in advance or at the last minute, depending on your requirements. Reservation modifications or cancellations are possible free of charge, under certain conditions. In addition, a VTC is synonymous with exemplary punctuality. Your driver picks you up at the agreed time and takes you to your destination efficiently, avoiding road inconveniences. The result? Your time and money are optimized.

How to book a VTC?

Are you attracted by the advantages of VTC and would like to book your private driver for your next trip? The process is simple! Depending on your preferences and needs, several means are available to you to book a VTC.
Use a dedicated mobile application
The most practical and quickest option is to use a specific mobile application. The market offers a variety of VTC applications such as Ecofundrive, Marcel or JMJ Transport. They make it easier to order and monitor your VTC trips, for immediate or planned trips.
Book by phone or on the website
If you prefer to reserve your VTC by telephone or via the website, this is still entirely possible. Contact the VTC service directly by telephone with your departure and arrival information, as well as date and time.
The necessary information to provide
Regardless of the method chosen to reserve your VTC, you will need to provide essential information for the optimal completion of your trip. This information includes: your name, telephone number, departure and arrival addresses, date and time of travel, number of passengers, and the number and size of your luggage. They are crucial for assigning the driver and vehicle best suited to your needs.
Choose the type of vehicle and additional services
When booking, you also have the opportunity to choose the type of vehicle and the additional services. Depending on your requirements and budget, opt for a comfortable and economical sedan, a business class sedan for an exceptional experience, a premium van for group travel, a van adapted for wheelchairs, or a motorcycle taxi for maximum speed.

Maximize the VTC experience: tips and tricks

For an optimal VTC experience, as soon as you have reserved your vehicle, follow these practical tips aimed at improving your journey. Whether you are looking to save, choose the service best suited to your needs, understand prices or take advantage of specific offers, these recommendations will guide you towards a more pleasant and peaceful trip.

Plan ahead to benefit from great rates
Reducing the costs of your VTC journeys is possible by planning in advance and reserving your driver as early as possible. Since rates fluctuate depending on demand, time, day and location, booking in advance increases your chances of obtaining an attractive rate and benefiting from quality service.
Read reviews to choose the best service
To guarantee your satisfaction, taking the time to read reviews from other customers regarding the VTC service is essential. These testimonials, available on the service providers’ applications or websites, will give you an overview of the quality of the service, the professionalism of the drivers, as well as the comfort of the vehicles.

Understanding the different pricing methods

Il est crucial de comprendre les modes de tarification employés par les VTC afin d’apporter une surprise bien plus agréable. Les services VTC utilisent plusieurs modes tarifaires différents : le tarif est fixe, qui est fixé à la réservation et ne modifie pas le trajet, et le tarif est variable, qui dépend de la distance, pendant les temps de déplacement et de demande et peut s’écouler.
To get the most out of your VTC experience, exploit the special offers and loyalty programs offered. You could benefit from discounts, promotional codes, referral schemes, and even freebies.


It is clear that the VTC represents the ideal option for your travel in an urban environment, whether you are heading to an airport or a train station. The VTC is distinguished by a superior quality service, combining comfort, flexibility, punctuality, security, and professionalism. Reserving your VTC is also facilitated, accessible by telephone, website, or mobile application.

Frequently Asked Questions !!

we aim to guide you through the reasons why VTC is an option of choice for your travels
To reserve a VTC in advance, here are your options:
  • Internet: make your reservation online directly on the website of the VTC company of your choice.
  • Mobile applications: download the mobile application to easily reserve your vehicle.
  • Telephone: contact customer service or the licensed driver to make your reservation.
The price of a VTC per km varies depending on the service, driving time, and demand, generally oscillating between €1.30/km and €4/km . This price includes a fixed cost of support and, where applicable, a reservation supplement.
To contact a VTC, you must first make a reservation via an online platform or a smartphone application. You can also use our telephone line dedicated to VTC